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WTF – Weird, true, funny news stories. A decade of weird, true and funny new stories that you may have missed. Over 220 wtf funny news stories from around the world. You won’t believe the astonishing things some people have done to get into the news. Read about freakish ways people have died, amazing animal survival stories, how dumb crooks got caught, human tragedy and triumph, ‘back from the dead’ stories and lots more. With illustrations scattered throughout the book, this is an easy-to-read, humourous book that you can take for a giggle anywhere.

Read a few stories at the train station and pick it up where you left off after work.
Available in Kindle format from Amazon

bear in court 500px wide Read about the bear who was sued for honey …

PIGS 500px wide

…and the pigs who ate their owner…

thief 500px long
… the dumbest crooks on the planet, and hundreds more amazing WTF stories that made it into the news.

Bonkers Bookcase

96 pages of clever fun

Adult picture books

Bonkers Bookcase is the perfect gift for any occasion.

96 pages of fun and silliness. Each page has a clever book title and author illustrated. Pick it up for a laugh any time.

Sample pages of Bonkers Bookcase

Postal address for delivery


Order a few copies to have on hand when you need a small gift …

  • To get in your boss’s good books
  • For a friend in hospital
  • For mum or dad, just to show you appreciate them
  • As a thank you gift
  • Because there’s a page in Bonkers that reminds you of your mate
  • You’re going to a party and you need a gift for the host
  • A million other reasons!

Want to save money?


Buy two copies of Bonkers Bookcase and save around 20% off the RRP.
You know you’ll need more than two quick gifts unexpectedly!
Available in all good bookstores, and available right here.
Buy two now and save!

Bonkers Bookcase 2 ~ The insanity continues.  Available soon.

Thinking Cap, Anthology and Audacity, all coming soon.

Chick Lit

This one will be a hit with the girls…

Bitch Sessions ~ You’ll have to wait and see 😉


Memoirs ~ The Porridge Trilogy

When Barbie began work as a journalist, she was told that it was her job to write ‘the porridge’.  “What’s the porridge?” she asked. Her boss replied with a twinkle in his eye, “The porridge is the warm and fuzzy stuff ; the human interest stories”.

Appropriately then, her warm and fuzzy memoirs are titled, ‘Barbie’s Porridge’.

The sequel, which contains all the scary, spicy and sexy stuff that’s too hot for the first book, and will no doubt be more popullar, will be ‘Hot Porridge’

Want to be part of the Trilogy?

Tell your true story to Barbie and it could feature in ’60 Second Porridge’.

The final book in the Porridge trilogy is a selection of extraordinary stories about ordinary people. Just by adding your story to this eclectic compilation you have the opportunity to have your name published as a part of something wonderful and Barbie will contribute to a great charity on your behalf!

Stories don’t need to be of a professional standard. And they don’t need to be long. It could be just a paragraph, or a whole page. Just let us know what happened and Barbie will take care of the rest. Pretty soon you’ll be able to tell people to go buy 60 Second Porridge so they can read YOUR story!

Stories must be short and true, with the capacity to evoke awe, laughter, or tears in the reader.

Need inspiration?

  • What stories do you tell at parties or gatherings?
  • What is the funniest thing that happened to you?
  • The most embarrassing thing that happened to you?
  • An anecdote about work? A war story?
  • A brush with fame?
  • The best thing that happened to you?
  • Have you bravely overcome a personal obstacle?
  • Recognition for an elderly person?

Stories may be submitted by using the ‘Contact’ form on this site.
No fee for submitting stories. No payment for acceptance of stories.
Profits from sales of ’60 Second Porridge’ will be distributed to needy causes  through The Tuesday Club.

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