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MLM_cover_GageAs a journalist in the 90s, Barbie's talent for sourcing original human interest stories from the community largely contributed to The Bugle's expansion from eighteen to thirty-six pages, making it an interesting and valued newspaper.

Her contributions to magazines and newspapers since 1992 led her to develop, as Editor in Chief and co-founding Director, the Australian magazine for the Network Marketing industry, MLM Australia and New Zealand..

Through her MLM Networks, she came to be guest author in Jan Ruhe's bestselling guide to prospecting and recruiting, 'More Feet On The Street'.MLM_cover_Gage Looking for a change from tabloids and business writing,

Bonkers bookcase_web 330Her first book to be published was an adult picture book, Bonkers Bookcase, a collection of crazy book titles you won't find in any bookstore. It's available in all good bookstores and online.

With word-play still the focus, expect the launch of Barbie's first word-play in a three part series, Thinking Cap,Anthology and Audacity. Barbie says she never expected that Bonkers Bookcase would be the first book to print, but being the simplest, it got the nod when the criteria was for something that could be completed quickly. “My favourites, so far at least, are the trilogy word-play books, Thinking Cap, Anthology and Audacity. I think readers will get a lot of enjoyment from these ones,” she said. Naturally, we can't give much away at this stage, but the word-play books are illustrated, and take the mickey out of…well, everyone. Nobody is safe, no matter how famous or rich.

ad 250x250Does Barbie care if she ruffles the feather of royalty or celebrities? Ahh…no. Barbie began working on Anthology in 2005 and she is happy to give it more time to complete. You don't want to rush these things. She has a crazy total of 20 books marked on her publishers set timeline; enough to keep her busy for at least the next decade.

Barbie's most recently published book is a Kindle book, WTF, Weird True Funny news stories from the last decade. You can buy it on Amazon for less than the price of a cup of coffee.<

Why not visit one of Barbie's books while it's being written? 100 Coffee Dates is the engaging story of Magenta, the 'girl-next-door' who's decided that she'll go on up to 100 dates to find her Mr Right, but not one date more.

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Barbie Young


Barbie Young


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