Mcdonalds toilet sign

Hands up if you've ever used a toilet at McDonald's. In my line of work I have to use them often, and I've become accustomed to doing a little sideways shuffle just to fit through the tiny doorways. It's not that the doors are particularly small, but that the doors are so close to the seats and the toilet paper dispensers. The architects sure do trim off every excess millimeter from the toilets when they design the buildings.

It's not that I'm a large person. I'm average size. Even one of my colleagues who is very small has to do the sideways shuffle to get in to the cubicles. We travel a lot with our work, so we see the insides of many McDonald's toilets. I've always wondered how big people manage to use their toilets. I always imagined that an obese person would have to use the Disability toilets, rather than risk getting wedged and needing help to get out of a tight situation. I had the opportunity to discuss the toilets with a large lady today. She raised the topic and was surprised that even I had trouble fitting in to the toilets. She'd been thinking that it was a problem just for big people.

I guess the toilets are just a service Maccas offer their customers, but isn't it ironic that the multinational that takes the most heat for causing obesity, has such teeny weeny toilet cubicles?

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